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The chefs at Udupi Residency’s Tanjore restuarant present Indian cooking at its best. They take you on a whirlwind gastronomic tour of the country that will leave your taste buds tingling.Start by tasting the local Udupi cuisine. Rice is the staple food in this area and when mashed and ground with lentils, spices and herbs can be used to make wonderful dosas, idlis, vadas and uttapams. These can be eaten with spicy hot sambhar or dip into a coconut cilantro chutney. There are several other local specialities made with freshly grated coconut, a major ingredient of South Indian cooking. Neer dosa, Kundapur chicken, and Kori Rotti are some of the local favorites.

Restaurant Description

At Tanjore, there is a special emphasis on seafood with the accent on prawns, crab and fresh fish. There are dishes such as crab with pepper, garlic and butter that is all the rage in seafood restaurants from Bombay to London. Some other favorites include Pomfret Tawa Fry, Prawns Koliwada, and Fish Kerala Masala.

You can also savour Mughlai cuisine at Tanjore that is rich, creamy, deliciously spiced and liberally sprinkled with nuts and saffron. The ever popular Tandoori cooking (chicken, fish and breads marinated in herbs and baked in a clay oven) and kebabs can also be found on our menu. Our top picks in the Mughlai category are Chicken Chutney Masala, Paneer Pasand, Chicken Mughlai, and Vegetable Kofta.

Another uniquely Indian food cuisine that can be tasted at the Tanjore restaurant is one that doesn’t belong to any particular region – Indian Chinese. Popular in all the big metros in India, Indian Chinese is an example of fusion cooking like no other. Be sure to sample the Indian Chinese favorites like Crispy Vegetables, Chilli Prawns in Birds Nest, and Chicken Schezwan Fried Rice.

Our menu delivers flavours of remarkable complexity and intensity, drawn from cities across India, from Bombay to Delhi, Udupi to Lucknow. While the choices available to you are many, whatever dish you decide to sample you can be assured of gastronomic nirvana!

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